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Mission Robin
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Advance sustainable society and elevate the world’s consciousness through:
  • Complete sustainable communities
  • Smartest homes ever built
  • Never have to leave your community (unless you want to)
  • Freely travel to any other Birdbox community around the globe

Community Features

The Community


Smart Homes

Our beyond smart homes have never before seen integrated technology to automate most of your daily tasks and act as your second brain. The best part is, they are more affordable than your average rent payment


Sustainably Grown Food

All communities are fitted with sustainably grown foods available at the community grocery and cafe. Credits are included monthly with your subscription



Live near like minded individuals who care about the environment and want the freedom to travel around the world without being anchored to any location. Co-workspaces are also available for remote workers and startups



As part of your Birdbox subscription, never be locked into a yearly lease again. A flat monthly payment gives you a Birdbox to live in, the freedom to travel to any other community or start your own, and access all community amenities

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